Where do you see yourself in five years? x Thomas Sabo

For a very long time I have been thinking about how to invest my money, which I got for my 18th birthday, in the most sensible way. Of course, I save most of my money in order to mobilise my apartment or to acquire a car one day. However, I also wanted to give myself […]

Henrik Vibskov – Upcoming and renown designer

The Danish designer Henrik Vibskov founded his label of the same name in Copenhagen in 2001. He is known for his artistic designs, which often stand out from norm-conforming fashion through form and colour. Henrik Vibskov’s collections include colourful patterned garments as well as plain basics for men and women. Bags, sunglasses, belts, hats and […]

2 Summer Fragrances FOR MEN IN 2020

Since I am probably the worst person to contact for describing fragrances, I have decided to rather use the descriptions that the manufacturer himself gives about the product. In my opinion, every nose feels differently and imagining a smell is incredibly difficult anyway. Therefore I hope that you can at least imagine how the scents […]

Masks: for men too

Daily skin care Some time ago I already wrote an entry about my skin care. However, as I have received many questions about it by e-mail, I thought I would write a detailed report about my current skin care again. In fact, my routine has changed radically over the last few weeks and I do […]

Everything you need to know about sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion, eco fashion, green fashion […] or eco-fashion: these terms stand for clothing that is made from environmentally friendly materials and that takes social aspects into account in its manufacture. https://www.umweltbildung.at/fileadmin/umweltbildung/dokumente/nachhaltig_kreativ/W3_Kleidung_Hintergrund_fin.pdf To be honest, I have always wondered whether the term “sustainability” is a marketing strategy or actually an environmentally friendly measure. Especially when […]


The right fit for you (AD) You’ll probably find a suit in every man’s closet. But fortunately this trend has also developed positively over the years. After all, it’s not only at fashion weeks that you can see women wearing suits, but also more and more women in everyday life and a suit is, in […]

My blogger equipment

I had the idea of opening my own website for a very long time – since I was 13 years old. And to be honest, it feels like I’m fulfilling a dream right now and I really enjoy creating content. Because in a way that’s exactly what combines all my hobbies. Not only do I […]

selfmade Louis Vuitton chain

I think everybody knows this necklace. The Louis Vuitton lock with a necklace. But not only Louis Vuitton, but also other fashion giants like Dior offer locks from which you can create the above mentioned chains. However, Louis Vuitton does not sell these locks on the commercial market. This lock is only available when you […]

Zakynthos Travelogue

After there are already thousands of travel reports about this island, I thought about writing another one – have fun. (The journey took place before the Corona Crisis) Together with my parents I flew a few months ago to the island of Zakynthos, which is in Greece. For a long time we had planned to […]

Hamburg Recommendations

A few weeks ago I spent a weekend in Hamburg (Germany) together with a good friend of mine. It was the first time for me; she had been there before. However, I really wanted to go to Hamburg, because my current favourite interpreter gave a concert there. Since she already knew a little bit about […]

Sandro – Summer 2020

Just in time for the beginning of summer Sandro has launched its new summer collection. In contrast to the previous collections, the designers of Sandro are this time focusing on colours. Pastel shades combined with strong colours were used again and again. The current bestseller of the current collection is a pink sweater (see picture) […]

Fitness lookbook for men

Just like almost everyone during the quarantine, I started training with the home workouts. Of course this does not replace a full weight training, but I still find the abdominal workout very effective. But since a workout alone usually doesn’t exhaust me, I usually run a big lap before it. The first weeks of the […]

My current satchel from Coach

The description of Coach himself is: “The Metropolitan is a simple bag for the modern man. This no-frills backpack has multifunctional compartments for mobile devices, a sleeve for a 13-inch laptop and an outside pocket for necessities. Made of scratch-resistant, polished, textured leather.” Now maybe you’re wondering why I went back to leather. Because normally […]

Skincare routine for men + Tips for clearer skin

To be honest, I’m probably one of the worst places to answer questions about skin care tips. My skin has deteriorated significantly since I was 14 years old, for the simple reason that I entered puberty. Starting with blackheads, pimples and oily skin were added. Now, at almost 18, my skin has fortunately improved dramatically. […]

Things you should know before you fly to China/Hong Kong

FRANKFURT – BEIJING – SHANGHAI – HONGKONG – FRANKFURTMy round trip through China In retrospect, I find it totally amazing that I dared at all. At the age of 16, I decided to travel to the other end of the world without my parents and without any friends and to invest a lot of money […]

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