Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Toe – overhyped or worth every cent?

For this blog post I hold a shoe in my hands that I have wanted to call my property for many years. Since I have been increasing my income by buying and selling shoes for many years, the hype about this Nike shoe did not leave me without a trace. The special thing about shoes like the Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Toe is that their number is very limited and should there be any supply, the launch will not be announced. In other words: a website publishes unannounced a small number of kicks. Since it is often at inconvenient times – such as 8:00 am or 0:00 am – most people who want to buy in however, miss the release. Now so-called resellers, as I am one, come into play. I, as well as some friends of mine, focus on exactly those times that would be feasible for other buyers due to school, university or work. This is a very important factor, because it allows you to sell the shoe for twice as much. However, since I am not the only reseller, it often happens that the online shops are overloaded even at times like 0:00 am and the server simply crashes. Of course, the greater the joy is when you have actually bought a shoe that is in high demand. So is the Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Toe.

As with many hyped shoes, the price is – as with many hyped shoes – significantly higher than the price actually paid. The price is about 110€ (without guarantee, because prices are strongly dependent on the demand), whereas the price for which the Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Toe is partly traded is four times as high. However, the buyer should be aware that he will not receive a shoe with a quality worth 400€. Personally, I would never buy a shoe worth one month’s rent in a student apartment.

However, you should not expect poor quality or workmanship of the materials – it meets the standards of a common Nike shoe. A big drawback in my eyes is the processing of real fur into a shoe that is much too cheap for this price.

Multiple Variations

Not only is the Air Jordan 1 available in a variety of colors, but it is also wearable for a variety of occasions. The Air Jordan 1 Mid is and remains a dance and basketball shoe, which many of the buyers and sellers do not have on the screen. Often buyers come from a completely different segment. Most wearers misuse the shoe and wear it in their everyday life – for which the Air Jordan 1 can of course also be used. However, I had to find out for myself that my customers often do not know who this “Jordan” is.

Conclusion: the Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Toe is versatile and covers almost the entire use of shoes. Coincidentally, I am writing this entry on my cell phone and a few seconds ago I saw a man wearing white/blue Air Jordan 1 with a grey suit. Proves once again that the shoe is suitable for almost any occasion.

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