Selfmade Comme des Garçons

As some of you may already know, I am still a student, which means that my finances are relatively manageable at the moment. In any case, I often lack the small change necessary to embody the style I actually want to express and I would probably feel much more comfortable in it. I also know that it is very doubtful that I would feel better directly because of wearing a certain brand, but nevertheless I often celebrate cuts or imprints of labels, which are mostly in the high-class range. Comme des Garçons, for example.

What I appreciate most about this brand is its minimalist and simple look. Often there is not more than the brand logo visible on garments from Comme des Garçons. I think that the most famous pieces of this brand are the shoes that were created in collaboration with CONVERS and tops such as simple sweaters or T-shirts made of thicker fabric. However, the only visible difference to an ordinary top is that it has a small heart on the left chest or several hearts on the shoes. I am aware that the quality of the fabric is of course very different from an ordinary top, but it is the look that appeals to me most, which is why I decided to create these tops myself.

First I asked on the internet if you can order the hearts to print out and I actually found them on Amazon. There you can buy about five hearts for 20 €. Another offer, which I will also link to you, offered them optically identical hearts at a lower price. To be able to advise you to buy a better product, I have ordered both. I personally have to say that I prefer the more expensive version. It was produced with much more effort and also convinces with its look. With the cheaper version you can unfortunately see that every now and then a thread was missed due to imprecise processing and therefore the overall look looks rather cheap (meanwhile sold out). However, I didn’t want to reject this one either and therefore I thought about overlapping two hearts, as you will see later, to shift the focus.

But I also miss some variation on the standardized tops of the brand. If you google the brand you will immediately find a simple white top with a dark red heart on the left chest. But I would also like to see tops where the heart is between the chest, for example, or a heart is sewn onto the hood of hoodies. Since, according to my research, this does not exist yet, I absolutely wanted to implement this as well.

But now I will explain to you step by step how to proceed and above all where you can order the hearts I mentioned.

First of all the shipping varies a lot. Since I ordered the hearts during the current corona crisis, the shipping took more than a week. Depending on when you order these patches, they may arrive much earlier at your home. Once they arrive at your home, you can decide which of your tops you would like to print on. Since I have rather less plain t-shirts and sweaters, I have also sent myself some tops at the same time as ordering the hearts. In the end I decided to order a simple white T-shirt by Phillip Lim.

In the second step you can decide where exactly you want to place the patch. As already mentioned, I did not only copy the typical designs but also decided to make my own variations. Once you have decided on a colour and a suitable place, you can take a small rice clip and hang the patch on the respective top. So you can try it on and get a closer look. This step can of course be left out.

Next, simply take an ironing board and an iron and put the top and the heart next to you. The next steps are almost self-explanatory. Turn the shirt inside out and put the heart on the right place under the shirt. Now you only have to run the hot iron over the heart for a few seconds.

Since I wear the T-shirts and sweaters for several weeks now, I can guarantee that they will definitely serve their purpose, despite the low price. They neither come off after several washes, nor does the colour change after several washes. In fact, many people have also told me that they like the top and did not think that it was homemade.

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