CONVERS Chuck Taylor All Star Hi x Rokit

As you may already know, the CONVERS brand very often cooperates with other brands. For example with Comme des Garçons. When I hear that name, the classic CONVERS Chuck Taylor All Star Hi immediately comes to mind. But in the meantime I have to say that I’m getting a little fed up with him. All in all, I have bought about five pairs and carried them through every time. That’s why I’ve always wanted to get a CONVERS Chuck, which was pimped out by the cooperation with another brand. However, the Comme des Garçons shoe was either too expensive for me, or it was sold out every time I wanted to buy it.

About a month ago, CONVERS announced the launch of cooperation with the label Rokit. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about this brand before. That’s why I was curious to see what the final result would look like. But after looking around on the label’s website and getting a rough impression, I now have to conclude after the launch that the style and the choice of colours definitely reflects the shoes and that the label has remained true to its own style.

A black lace characterizes the shoe, but in addition an orange one is included. When I first saw this, it reminded me quite a bit of Off-White’s design. In addition, geometric elements like an orange circle on the outside of the shoe or matt plastic strips that look like dark adhesive tape can be found on the shoe. CONVERS has also had its usual Chucks features added, such as the white tip of the foot or the emblem on the heel. If you fit a CONVERS Chuck that goes over the ankle, it is also common to see a round emblem on the outer ankle. In this case, a circle of black felt has been avoided on the outside by inserting it. On the inside, on the other hand, there is also black felt on which the CONVERS logo was printed. Also new in this collaboration is the sole, which is colourless. Directly under this sole is an orange plastic layer on which the organs of a human being have been recorded with black paint in black letters.

Regarding the wearing comfort I can report that the quality of the shoe has not changed at all due to the cooperation. It deteriorated again, nor did it become better. Thus CONVERS has remained true to its style.

However, many buyers have already complained about the price-performance ratio. Again and again they complain that a vulgar

Chuck Taylor All Star Hi costs around 70 € and this cooperation is far above the usual sales price of around 110 €. Since the quality of the shoe has not changed, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they are willing to spend €50 more on the design. However, if you want to create the impression of wearing an off-white shoe worth several hundred euros, it can keep up well in purely visual terms.

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