Skincare routine for men + Tips for clearer skin

To be honest, I’m probably one of the worst places to answer questions about skin care tips. My skin has deteriorated significantly since I was 14 years old, for the simple reason that I entered puberty. Starting with blackheads, pimples and oily skin were added. Now, at almost 18, my skin has fortunately improved dramatically. I wish I could give you tips now if you are suffering from bad skin. First of all I would like to say that I don’t necessarily know if the routine I have acquired over the years has really helped me to get clearer skin, but I can say that since the applications I no longer suffer from dry skin and my overall skin condition has improved significantly.

Cleansing gel

Skincare is virtually indispensable for pure skin. The following articles are all in no way cooperative – all products that I actually find helpful in the fight against acne. I also have to add that the products are a bit more expensive, but I think that it definitely pays off to invest in high priced skin care products.

Facial cleanser

I first apply the Facial Cleanser from Doers of London to my moistened face, which then creates a gentle foam that helps remove impurities and excess sebum without dehydrating the skin. Active ingredients include organic cucumber extract, organic green tea extract, jojoba oil, lemon and lime oil. And although my skin type is rather sensitive – as already mentioned – it tolerates the product perfectly.

Facial serum

In the next step I apply a few drops of a serum. This time I used one from the Dr. Botanicals label. Enriched with a mixture of Hunflower blossom and plant substances that soothe the skin, it moisturizes the skin all day long. The ingredients also contain vitamin B5, which makes the skin smooth and healthy. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates the skin’s healing process. Echinacea helps fight blemishes by calming damaged skin and fighting bacteria. Aloe Vera soothes and moisturizes the skin. The product is based on natural ingredients, is free of parabens, harmful preservatives and has been tested on animals.

Eye cream

Everyone who knows me knows that I have extremely swollen dark circles under my eyes – regardless of how much I sleep. One product that counteracts my swelling is Origins Eye Care. The ingredients include plant extracts, caffeine and Panax ginseng, which immediately make the eye area look fresher and more alert. At the same time your skin is provided with a lot of moisture.
I usually apply the Eye Cream in the morning after getting out of bed and store it in a refrigerator to optimize the effect.


As you might have already read, I suffer from very dry skin, which is why this step is again about preventing dehydration of the skin. I have been using Origins’ HydraHug™ technology for quite some time now, which provides your skin with moisture for 72 hours. The oil-free moisturiser makes your skin look fresh immediately. The coffee beans processed in GinZing have a stimulating effect on the skin. They give new energy and freshness; Panax Ginseng revitalizes. I recommend to apply it in the morning and evening after cleansing your face.

Environmental influences

Since I don’t know much about nutrition and fortunately it doesn’t affect my weight or my impurities, I won’t give you any personal tips, but some I found on another blog.

  • Zinc: contained in lentils, beans, cheese and oatmeal
  • Biotin: in spinach and mushrooms 
  • Iron: in meat, fennel and radishes 
  • Selenium: in Brazil nuts and cereals
  • Vitamin C: in lemons or citrus fruit
  • Folic acid: in asparagus, leek, strawberries and tomatoes
  • Vitamin A: in spinach, carrots and apricots

But not only different substances contribute to the improvement of the skin’s appearance. In the following you will find more tips to maximize the chance of clear skin.

  • change your pillow every 2-3 weeks
  • as with the first key point you want to prevent the accumulation of bacteria – dry your face with a handkerchief instead of a towel
  • self-explanatory, but you should drink enough water every day. You can easily calculate exactly how many liters are good for you and your body with a formula on the Internet. Your age, weight and height are the deciding factors here. I should gain about two and a half liters of water a day (which, as everyone who knows me knows, almost never happens)
  • The face should not be cleaned with the entire palm of the hand, but with individual fingers, in order not to build up too much pressure
  • The use of facial cleaning brushes is not recommended either

Food supplements

My mom bought me a granulate to dissolve and drink at the beginning of my puberty – the zinc Verla C granulate. I drink one raspberry-flavoured granulate every day and since then I have seen very positive results after only a few weeks of drinking it. If you have a zinc deficiency and if it would be worthwhile for you to purchase this zinc granulate, you can discuss this with your dermatologist. If necessary, a blood count will be made by taking a blood sample.

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