Zakynthos Travelogue

After there are already thousands of travel reports about this island, I thought about writing another one – have fun.

(The journey took place before the Corona Crisis)

Together with my parents I flew a few months ago to the island of Zakynthos, which is in Greece. For a long time we had planned to stay there for a few weeks. In different stories, travel reports or documentary films it became clear to us that this Mediterranean island is very underestimated. As we explored the whole island, I can even say that Zakynthos has some beautiful places all over the island. Thus, the location of the hotel is practically irrelevant. Moreover, each place is only a few minutes drive away by car.

Navagio beach

Most people who think of Zakynthos immediately have this bay before their eyes. Travel guides say that it is probably the most beautiful bay in Greece. But what most people forget is that it is overcrowded by tourists, especially during the main season. It felt a little as if there were more tourists than grains of sand on the beach. As this bay is only accessible by boats and therewith with a lot of money, it is also recommendable to view this bay from the view point that is located beside it. We did this as well and the following picture was made:

Porto Limnionas Beach

This bay I have actually not seen in any travel guide – Porto Limnionas Beach. It is located in a bay surrounded by rocks on the west coast of Zakynthos. The water is crystal clear, but the water temperature is a bit lower than in other bays. This bay is not crowded even during the main season. It also has a small, rustic Greek restaurant right by the sea.

Xigia Beach

It is essential to visit, but if possible without the tourists buses. We were there with the car, and caught a stupid time, there came just 2 buses. So the small bay was “filled up” with hundred visitors. Later we were almost alone in the bay. The smell of eggs is very strong in the beginning, but you get used to it and you only get a breeze from time to time during the visit. It is said to be good for the skin, but with the short time I did not really feel anything.

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