selfmade Louis Vuitton chain

I think everybody knows this necklace. The Louis Vuitton lock with a necklace. But not only Louis Vuitton, but also other fashion giants like Dior offer locks from which you can create the above mentioned chains. However, Louis Vuitton does not sell these locks on the commercial market. This lock is only available when you buy a Louis Vuitton bag. Therefore it is a bit difficult to get one of these pendants and therefore the prices are a bit higher. This is just one problem.

The other is that it is incredibly hard to find a necklace that resembles the gold tone of the lock. I also checked online and you can get such a necklace ready on sites like “Etsy” for about 450 €. But the lock itself is already available for 50 €. Therefore I would not recommend you to buy such a necklace for almost 500 €. I also know that this trend has been around for many years. I also bought the lock many years ago. So exactly when this trend was born. However, I still haven’t found a matching necklace, as already mentioned. Here I have already ordered dozens of copies from Zalando or Amazon, but had to send everything back. Perhaps you will be more successful in your purchase and search.

Also, you should know that the lock is most likely not in the best condition. When the lock was preserved it had bluish stains, but these could be wiped away very quickly. And although it is real gold, it has quite a few scratches. That depends on the model and the price. By the way, I ordered my lock on the website “Rebel”. It comes with the matching key.

More examples on Instagram (AD):

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