My blogger equipment

I had the idea of opening my own website for a very long time – since I was 13 years old. And to be honest, it feels like I’m fulfilling a dream right now and I really enjoy creating content. Because in a way that’s exactly what combines all my hobbies. Not only do I love taking pictures, but I have always loved to read and write English. In addition to that, this website is mainly about fashion and travel, which is my priority anyway. So I am even more pleased to have finally found a hobby that really covers everyone of my interests. And to be honest, it also makes total sense that I enjoy these things. If you compare me with my parents, you will notice that we have many interests in common. My father, for example, is passionate about photography and filming and is often booked for theatre performances or weddings. My mother on the other hand loves to travel. I think she also has really good taste in fashion – so I love what I’m doing right now. But in this entry I would like to talk about how I started out and especially about the equipment I use. Because when I started, it filled up more or less as if I had to teach and work out the material of an entire course of studies myself. Because it is indeed complex. And before you start, of course, you should know that nobody expects you to start with the best picture quality and the most interesting topics. I’m also far from having a really good blog, because there is always room for improvement and because of my perfectionism I always find things that I want to improve. This, by the way, was one of the reasons why I didn’t open my website until I was 17, even though I had been planning to do so for at least five years. I always had the feeling that my content wasn’t good enough or that there were other bloggers who were trying much harder. But this is definitely the wrong attitude. Because in my opinion, the most important thing is to just start. And as long as it fulfills you and you enjoy it, the image quality or the editing is secondary.

The making of my blog

First of all I listened to a podcast during a bus trip to Hamburg, which happened to be about creating an own blog. It was actually quite extensive and threw you into cold water immediately. After that I was overloaded with information and it felt like I only understood half of the words. But what I understood at that time was that WordPress is a very good provider for creating a website. By the way, I can confirm this now in retrospect and would recommend it to you as well. But you should know that this is quite expensive and if you don’t want to choose one of the free templates, you have to calculate with at least 100 €. As I am inclined to perfectionism, I have of course chosen a template that cost 108 €. In addition, there are the costs for the domain and the storage space of the website. So if you really want to run a blog professionally, you will have to pay about 150 €. But if you are not sure if you really enjoy it or if you simply don’t have enough money to create a WordPress blog at the moment, Blogger should be a very good alternative. Personally, I never tested the site, as I had been sure to create a blog for so many years that it was out of the question for me to create it half-heartedly on Blogger. Besides, you have far fewer options when it comes to personalizing your blog.


First of all I will start with the products I use. I personally use my digital camera for most of the images on Instagram, as well as for the images on this blog. I decided to use the Canon Eos M10 and ordered the 50 mm lens from Canon for about 100 €. So the price for the camera is about 500 €. But since this is a digital camera and not a reflex camera, the handling is much easier and I would recommend it to every beginner. Especially the automatic mode makes taking pictures very easy and not much more demanding than taking pictures on your mobile phone. Which brings us to the next point – mobile phone camera. I personally use my iPhone X for this. The quality of the camera is extremely good and sometimes I can’t even tell the difference between my camera and my phone. Of course not only an iPhone X takes good pictures. Meanwhile there are a dozen good mobile phones whose quality is close to that of a reflex camera.

But a good camera quality is not everything. I would say that the actual picture is only about 70% of the total picture. The remaining 30 % definitely depends on the right filter or a suitable colour correction. If you are unsure about image editing at the beginning, I can highly recommend Lightroom presets. Actually, there are lots of presets on the internet, some of which you can buy for 5-10 Euros. Since many instagrammer also create their own filters and presets, you can simply type “presets” in the search bar on Instagram and you will find plenty of sites that sell professional yet affordable presets. That’s how I found my filters too.

I would call that basic equipment. What follows can be left out, especially if you are a beginner. Since my father, as already mentioned, is in the photography business, I had many tripods and studio lights available from the beginning, which increased my image quality enormously. Depending on which tripod or studio light you take, you can spend from 20 € up to 200 €. Personally, I don’t know how much my father’s equipment actually cost, but I think it’s a little more expensive because it looks very high quality. However, I have done some research and you can find very affordable alternatives on Amazon as well.

What I can recommend to you is an Adobe subscription. I know that it is not the cheapest, but it really shows on your pictures. Especially Photoshop I use almost daily because of my Instagram account. If you are a student, you can also choose a student subscription, where you get all Adobe products for just eleven euros a month. I have chosen this subscription as well and can really recommend it to you.

My last tip would be to buy a good computer. I chose iMac because it seemed the most appropriate for my purposes. Since I’ve never been a big fan of computer games or gambling, I decided against a gamer computer and for an iMac right from the start.

And my last and most important tip to you is to just get started. In retrospect, I’ve thought too much and could have started years ago. So if you’re thinking about it, give it a try.

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