German slippers or high-quality sandals?

Birkenstock’s – DELFT (AD)

I think that apart from traditional costumes, the Alps, beer and pretzels, there is hardly a product that is immediately associated with Germany – the sandal. To be fair one has to say: the sandal combined with socks. That’s why I find it extremely difficult to wear sandals in everyday life – especially as a man. In recent years I have always resorted to the Adilette, which is at least as German as the sandal, but has by far not such a bad reputation as the sandal.

However, this shoe can very quickly become very rancid. Already after one season black imprints of the feet will form in the leather sole. These are mainly caused by sweat and dirt and are therefore unavoidable. My sister came to enjoy Birkenstock’s years before me and has had to reach for a new Birkenstock sandal every season since the first purchase. Of course this is not a must, but I also think that after a good 4 months the shoe looks very shabby, especially because of the worn and partially torn leather. The disadvantage of this shoe is also that it is hardly possible to resell it, as – as already mentioned – the look deteriorates very quickly.

This year, however, Birkenstock has released a new model which is supposed to prevent all the known problems. With the help of a black sole instead of a brown sole, the dark, smelly edge in the sole can be ideally avoided. Although I can imagine that the leather in the places where the toes are located loosens easily but wears off and the sole still has the typical stench from the combination of sweat and leather, the spotless sole appears much newer and of a higher quality.

The use of fabric instead of leather also prevents the problem of crumpled leather, which sometimes even tears very quickly. By using imitation leather Birkenstock has even created a shoe that, according to my information, is even vegan. In my opinion quite revolutionary, as Birkenstock has been maintaining the reputation of high quality leather in averagely expensive shoes for decades.

I rounded off the outfit with jeans from “7 For All Mankind”, a turtleneck sweater from “Tiger of Sweden” and the “MCM – Charm Tear Bag”, which I had already reviewed on my blog. And to be honest I really like the outfit and I could imagine wearing it for example at a lake in Sweden.

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